What is azoospermia?

Azoospermia is a male fertility condition that is defined as the complete lack of spermatozoa in the ejaculate. One per cent of the world’s male population presents this alteration.

Many couples try to conceive for years without getting results. If there is no previous knowledge about a specific condition, it is neccesary to visit a specialist after a year of unsafe sexual relations.

Male infertility is a factor in 50% of the couples that have problem conceiving; in 30% of the cases the problem is male-related, whereas in 20% of the cases, the problem has a mixed origin, with both parts involved. Taking into account the total amount of men suffering from this condition, azoospermia is the cause of 10-15% of the cases of male infertility.

There are two types of azoospermia depending on what is causing the absence of spermatozoa in the seminal fluid:

  • Secretory azoospermia (a.k.a. non-obstructive azoospermia): the problem lays in the impossibility of the testicles to produce sperm.
  • Obstructive azoospermia: the testicles do synthetize sperm, but the efferent ducts are unable to transport the spermatazoa to the urethra, the tube wherefrom semen is released. This is the reason why no sperm can be found in the ejaculate.

Azoospermic men often wonder themselves how to deal with the disease. Here you will find all the information regarding azoospermia: diagnosis, causes, types, the latest advancements in its treatment, the chances of having offspring, its associated with other diseases or conditions and a photogallery.


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    Thanks for your information.

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    salah hag ali

    I am 48 years old. I have been married since 2002. Till now I have no baby. I made more test for sperm, fertility, stimulations , fsh and other hormones. In all these tests I found no sperm. Volume 3ml, greywish; this classified me as “azoospermia”. They also took samples from my testicles but no sperm seen. And in all time the FSH is high (27). Now the semen is like watery. Before I married it was thick; more, my ejaculate comes soon within only 2-5 minutes in a little vol. My testicles are atrophic now; not like before. In the past, after the adult age I brought out my semen by hand 2-3 time per week as optimum. I think this is a main cause for my case. Please how can I deal with this disease?

    On the other hand my wife is also ill: her tubes are closed. Monthly cycle is not regular (18 – 23 days only); there is some more other problems, her age is 38 years old. Please reply me as soon as possible I need your help.


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