Absence of sperm in semen

When a couple decides it is time to become parents but their efforts to do so have not been successful, they might think there is a fertility problem in one of them. It is common for couples in that situation to visit a fertility centre to undergo different tests with the aim of assessing the reproductive potential of both.

Diagnosis by means of seminogram

Men willing to know how fertile they are will supply the andrology lab of the centre with a semen sample to be analysed through a seminogram. Once the different tests that encompass it are carried out, the patient receives the results. The lack of spermatozoa may indicate he has azoospermia.

Sperm analysis

With results that categorical, the patient is asked to repeat the seminogram 2-3 weeks later. By doing that the specialists make sure the lack of spermatozoa is not caused by nonsperm factors such stress, bad eating, medications or high fevers.

The diagnosis of azoospermia is confirmed if the second seminogram shows zero sperm count. Next, a testicular biopsy will be performed to find out if there are spermatozoa in the testes.

Coping with a diagnosis of azoospermia

Azoospermia is asymptomatic, so male that have that disease are only aware of the condition when they fruitlessly try to conceive.

Sometimes it is hard for a man to accept he cannot produce sperm; being azoospermic is the kind of situation that makes him question his own manhood. However, it is of the utmost importance to be well informed and ask the andrology specialist or the urologist all the questions they might have on the issue.

Facing the disease

There is a silver lining to the lack of symptoms: the patient can lead a normal life, since his daily routines and habits are not altered by the disease.

It is definitely harder to achieve pregnancy having azoopsermia, however, is it not impossible. Assisted reproduction techniques have exponentially progressed in recent years, so these men have a real chance to form a family.

Men with obstructive azoospermia have it easier to be a father, mainly with techniques like PESA, consisting in the retrieval of the semen from the seminiferous ducts through aspiration. For secretory azoospermic men things are more complicated, as they have to rely on what can be found in a testicular biopsy.

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